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11 Reasons

give me 10 and one other reason

do you have Eleven Reasons?
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Welcome to Eleven Reasons :) Yes, we are another low-pressure writing themed community, similar to and inspired by 30_ways & 52_flavours, among others. Although our sets are limited to producing only 1 or 11 entries, we have a wider scope of the 'General Theme' for the comm. Read on!

Write a fic that enumerates and/or explains eleven various reasons for a specific 'general theme and/or idea'. Confusing? Not really, here's how you do it:

1st - Decide on a 'general theme/idea' to which you will write your 11 Reasons about (for a character or characters in a fandom/series); you have free rein on this and can be as creative as you want. For example, for a one character fic-set, you could write something like "Eleven Reasons Shinomori Aoshi broods"; or for a character-pairing fic-set, you could write "Eleven Reasons why Winry likes Al"; and so on.

2nd - Choose 2 prompts from each 5 theme tables found here; each theme-table has its own 'general theme' as you may notice, but choose ONLY TWO FROM EACH - this allows for more permutations of fic-themes.
Your final and eleventh prompt will be a Wild Card, choosing a prompt from the Wild Card Table, which changes every month.

3rd - Write your fic/s following each prompt as the MAIN FOCUS, thus explaining and/or defining the 'reason' behind it. Remember, just one prompt without mixing it together with another. The order of writing & the length of each is up to you, go as your Muses please.

4th - Post your fic/s to the community. And remember, once you are finished with all the 11 reasons, go to this post and leave a comment, then you will be added to the hall of fame!

Savvy? If I'm still confusing you, I'd be happy to answer any further questions. Just head over to the FAQs Section of the comm and place on your concerns there.

1. Play NICE. There might be cases in which people have the same idea for whether the same pairing or not, but you have to RESPECT each other's works because even if they're the same, you all have different approaches and styles.

2. In relation to that, DO NOT PLAGIARISE. I suppose I don't need to explain that rule.

3. This community welcomes ALL FANDOMS, including anime, manga, RPGs, movies, TV series, books, video games, anything you can possibly think of. Real person fiction is also accepted! Original stories and characters are all welcome. We embrace the All/Multi-fandom fictions.

4. Stake your claim for the fandom & character/s. Each member is allowed up to two claims at the same time.
You may claim a general fandom/series, at least one character, a pairing, and at most threesomes. Crossovers are allowed too, but limited to only two fandoms. Also, please wait for your claim to be approved before posting anything to the community. You cannot post unless you're a member of the community either.

5. No two members may claim similar pairs/characters; Check the List first on who's got the claim. Only AFTER the submissions have been completed will any character or character-pairing will be up for grabs again. *NEW* You can now claim a character/pairing that has already been claimed by another member, and you don't need to wait for anyone to finish with their work!

6. There will be no time limit to completing your fics, but do try to post something once every two months; 1 fic isn't too hard, and 11 fics aren't alot.

7. Post your entries here at the comm or in your journal (or website, if you have one), but please, PLEASE, place them behind an LJ-CUT, or a link to the entry. We don't want to spam everybody.
Also, please follow this format for posting your entry:

Subject: 11 Reasons General Theme

11 Reasons General theme: (e.g. "11 Reasons why Mulder adores Scully")
Fandom: (e.g. "The X-Files")
Character/s or Pairing: (e.g. "Fox Mulder" or "Fox Mulder/Dana Scully")
Prompt: (e.g. "33. Weather")
Title: (e.g. "Thunder in the mountains")
Rating: (e.g. "NC-17")
Warnings/Disclaimers: (e.g. "swearing, drug use")

Also, please remember to tag the number of the prompt you've wrote about! thanks.
Here is also a link to a "guide to fanfic ratings", if you don't know much about them.

8. No bulk posts. Keep your fics at separate entries (makes it easier to add to the Memories) - EXCEPT if you're writing ALL your 11 Reasons as one fic.

9. All genres, ratings and relationships (shounen ai/yaoi, shoujo ai/yuri) accepted. HOWEVER! If your work contains graphic adult themes and falls in the NC-17 and R categories, please place them as a locked entry. Mind to label your submissions properly.

10. Length of work is up to you. Whether you decide to do a one sentence each prompt, a 500 word (or less) drabble or a multi-chaptered story, no restrictions!
All completed entries shall be placed in the Memories of this Community.

11. Absolutely NO flaming or bashing of authors, stories, characters, fandoms, series or anything else related to this comm. Once more, learn to respect each others' works. 'Kay? Keep it to constructive crits.
As a corollary, writers should at least have their works beta'ed or spell/grammar-checked. It's for your own good too, you know.

12. If you decided to change or give up a claim, there's a page provided for that, just leave your comments here.
This goes the same for any advertisements or requests for affiliation go to this post.

13. Finally, HAVE FUN and LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD! That's the whole point I think.

Theme Tables
Stake a Claim (the old one can be found here.)
List of Claims (the old one can be found here.)
Any Questions? (the old one can be found here.)
Drop/Exchange a Claim (the old one can be found here.)
Want to Advertise or Affiliate? (the old one can be found here.)
Eleven Reasons HALL OF FAME

ps. please don't post ANY comments on the old parts of the members section. they are there only so that people who might have posted some comments on them, will be able to take a look at them, still now. i will eventually delete them, i think.

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